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About Us

Naked-insight is a social change project aimed to explore the nature of the world we live in and the social structures. The project aspires to work towards developing equitable societies with values of love, compassion, and peace for all. 

We all know this is lacking or largely absent within our communities and in the world, we are experiencing together. 

The means through which social change is visualised currently is through a series of projects or pathways. Three such projects are underway. The underlying theme of these projects is to influence our worldview. 

Our experience of the world is influenced by the way we perceive the world. Each of us has a worldview that influences our experience of reality. It influences how we understand and interact with the world around us.

Hopefully, by reviewing and understanding our worldview better we may be able to bring about the necessary change within ourselves and changes outside in the world.  


Moon Gazing

Human well-being and development

INSIGHT FRAMEWORK is a book project designed to act as a tool to review oneself and aid overall development. 

The book dives deep into the human mind and aspects of language, science, and knowledge that influence our behaviour in the world today. Hopefully, understanding these will result in better well-being outcomes. 


Body Awareness and Healing

This project focusses on our direct experience. Our direct lived experience is the most reliable form of knowing what is true for us. The activities include open meditations, yoga and movement to understand ourselves as an individual both at the level of the body and our mind.


Inquire INTO: video series

This project intends to develop the art of inquiring into different questions and presenting the flow of ideas through videos or in the written form using social media platforms.


Community Project

"Do-nothing, be-nothing"  Pit stop

is a meditation project for communities to come together in their local community centres or any public place to meditate. Through these meditations one can explore and celebrate togetherness, irrespective of our backgrounds, ethnicities or any other aspects that divide us, so we may fully embrace each other.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Other initiatives: Reimagining structures of education, health, sustainable living, governance and so on.

Work in progress.

Contact Us

Get in touch for general queries or for collaborating on any projects or any new ideas. Would love to hear from you!

Based in UK and India

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Feel free to donate whatever you can no amount is small to support the project and its activities.

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