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Community Meditation Project

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"Do-nothing, be-nothing"  Pit stop where we meet to meditate/contemplate

The project provides the much-needed space to heal and connect without barriers of our looks, our race, identities, belief systems, geography, or any other concept/classifications from where we see ourselves as different. We instead, explore the common essence we all are.

Occurs every Saturday: 10 -11 AM (GMT)

Participation is free


About the project

Black and White Star in Circle

do-nothing, be-nothing pit stop

The mediation sessions will be online and are set up to accommodate different timezones. You can sign up for free as a member of this community to be part of a set schedule.

It is ideal but not mandatory to attend all sessions. If you have other time preferences for yourself or for a group feel free to reach out. It's also suitable for people who have or have not tried meditation.

The sessions are free but you are always welcome to make donations here.

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